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Cs 355 Purdue RedditCS 348 Difficulty/Usefulness : r/Purdue. They're basically just sessions for homework help. Any insight you have would be much appreciated! CS specific questions: 1. But, if you have an entire BME degree that you need to prioritize, finding time to do CS assignments and work (they tend to be very lengthy) will probably be difficult. Some Reasons to stay: Opportunity to take extra classes. / CE 355 – Engineering Environmental Sustainability. CS252 -Difficult class, but in a good way. as someone who took it twice, cs182 is just genuinely a poorly organized and poorly taught class. I know a lot of the people browsing r/Purdue are CS majors, so hopefully some of you guys can help me out. Easy A for anyone with a bunch of extra credit opportunities. HONR 19901 will be a piece of cake. The course surveys the complete data science process from data to knowledge and gives students hands-on experience with tools and methods. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Cons for Purdue: It's in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, many recruiters have told me that when looking at schools, they don't notice much difference in the quality between someone from Purdue, Illinois, or any of the Ivy League Schools (CM, Stanford, etc). It's a ton of work but probably the most valuable class I took at Purdue. More objective fill in the blank stuff I always got right. Professor Maji was great, but the course material is just . Not necessarily upper level cs electives (though pls suggest if relevant) but others such as maybe CS290 (a competitive programming course which I wished I had known about and taken early on - would’ve helped a lot with Leetcode prep) Context: I’m a junior studying cs and stats. You had to teach yourself, research topics and build a solution yourself. first time around i watched all the lectures (was online that semester with exams in person, covid reasons) and did fine on the homework, but quizzes were so poorly put together and almost trivia questions. If you are in a public study space that is pretty quiet, don’t start talking on the phone! Like having a whole ass loud conversation. There’s also honors degrees within majors. Take that Maymester nobody else is taking. Purdue University Campus 1893, 2nd Purdue University Campus 1875. Gene Spafford's Personal Pages: Spaf's Courses & Teaching (purdue. As an ECE, this seems very out of date. Questions about CS program : r/Purdue. It is very very common for grads to either get really competitive software engineering roles or learn about entrepreneurship and find the resources to build their own thing. Any thoughts? Im not feeling too good Business, Economics, and Finance. STAT 416 and STAT 355 I cant speak to either professor specifically but 355 is not that much work, nor very difficult regardless of professor. I got fucked by these breadth courses in my first year wen I didn't care about grades in breadth courses. The program you will be in is "BS in Computer Science" (at least as far as I know) with a major in AI. I would say whichever you think you’ll have an easier time with because coding is coding imo. I’ll be taking CS 252 this coming spring. I’m registered for 250 next semester and I feel sick watching this. Is purdue (wl) done giving admits for ms cs? as mine still shows "awaiting", if they wanted to give a reject why can. When I’m a direct admit to Kelly. Focus on Project 5 and the final exam over this thanksgiving break. - My SAT score is 1510, and I have a weighted GPA of 3. Yes, Purdue has a ridiculous amount of opportunities to secure an internship/job. UMD CS major is not capped, Purdue’s is - so it seemed much harder to get classes at UMD based on reddit and student feedback though UMD had a very nice new CS building. As a CS major, you’ll need to pick at least one. Some good classes to take for a career in CS? : r/Purdue. Isn't CS 471 obsolete tech? : r/Purdue. You’ll get your decision whether you’re accepted or rejected a few weeks after grades release in May. The course description and introduction slides seriously look like stuff you would find on Techquickie and LTT videos. STAT 416 and STAT 355 : r/Purdue. Many problems would be easier if you start from smaller problem and build from that. The PhD program in computer science prepares students to undertake fundamental and applied research in computer science, and it is available for those of high ability who seek to develop and implement their own research studies. He knows how to teach boring stuff and make it interesting. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by Organic-Capital-215. 61K subscribers in the Purdue community. Drexel doesn't have any of that, but they do have co-op. If you have already taken Calc II in HS, you only need 3 math classes for a math minor because some mandatory CS courses (240, 251) count. Basically, instead of going right into CS 180 I decided I'd like to spend my first semester with a slightly less intense workload to get a feel for CS and how much I enjoy it, so I started with CS 177 (python programming). As an incoming CS major, what would be a good LC for me to…. The CS building, Lawson, has 2 things - a) amazing sandwiches b) 'amazing' students who can survive without showering. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by beleryandcread. Turkstra really wasn't too bad when I had him for 180, but I've seen so many horror stories on this subreddit over the past few. mtn_dewgamefuel CS/Math 2018,. Having been a GTA for compilers in the past, and. If possible you should try and take all 3, even if you don't think one is directly relevant, as it just broadens your skillset and you may discover a new aspect of CS you didn't know you enjoyed. However, this comes with the following downsides: - need to take CS180. Even my advisor told me to avoid it and take 511 if possible. So this that mean if I CODO to CS major, I need to take this discrete math class again? or MA 375 can replace the credits of CS 182?. I've taken CS390 under a different professor, and taken a class under the professor (Prof. If you're in CS you'll like our algorithm team (which I'm a part of). But for data science, the first semester is the exact same. You can use CS 307 as your DSC if you want, but then you would have to take a CS elective in place of 307. An introduction to cryptography basics: Classic historical ciphers including Caesar, Vigenere and Vernam ciphers; modern ciphers including DES, …. boilerChan C's get degrees • 2 yr. Some basic knowledge into what actual coding is like would be beneficial. 182 is a theory intro/discrete math course. This would’ve been a very useful class for swe interviews and jobs if it was taught better and in java/python/c++ instead of C. Breadth Requirement for ECE / any kind of engineering students. They gave us 2 weeks for the first part of this project. CS grad course workload ? I am interested in taking some of these 3 classes: cs 355 crypto, cs 505 distributed system, cs 541 database. Even though I know CompE is a good option for going into the software side of computers, I know that there are a lot of hardware requirements as well for CompE, so I was thinking about CODO into CS. Note, I haven't TA'd, but this is what I was told in one of my recent CS TA interviews for all this information. This really isn't "viable" with 455, 470, and 420. Had to retake Calc 1 because I got a C-. Computer Science Prerequisite Flowchart –Core Classes CS 180 CS 182 CS 240 CS 250 Prerequisite Prerequisite, may be taken cocurrently Either may be used as prerequisite Required CS 251 CS 252 MA 161 CS 314* CS 334* CS 348 CS 373* CS 381* CS 355* CS 448 CS 471 CS 473. You can take it, but from what I know about the whole registration/codo process, you can’t even register for 182/240 (the next classes after 180), until you’ve finished 180 or tested out. Any info would be appreciated! How was 155, 255, and 315? How were the professors? I think for 155, you will get a lady from Iran, class can sometimes be unorganized but it’s easy, 255 315/325 (depends on which semester. You're here to learn stuff, you can do it - just pick whatever sounds coolest. r/Purdue on Reddit: Anyone has taken these Masters CS classes? CS …. I'm planning to visit both colleges soon, but I'm still having a lot of trouble deciding. So, to anyone who's TAed a CS course, how do you recommend answering the application questions? For context, the questions are: How would you approach assisting a student who is asking for help? What would you do it you perceive a bug in the assignment while assisting a student? Why do you want to be an Undergraduate TA. Also, if its the first thing you say, it can calm you down. At the same time, only having to do. The exams weren't awful, but I definitely studied a lot for both of them. Hi, I was admitted to my second choice of Data Science (1st was CS), and I was wondering, how hard is it to double major in CS as a DS major at…. However last night he was eating dinner with one of my Floor mates when he began getting harassed at one. The motherfuckers have upped their game, and they played me like a damn fiddle. r/gatech has recently been tightening policies for changing majors after admission (and I know from old friends that they have become very selective with transfers as well). Save your homework late days for the extra points, start projects and homework early to make sure you have enough time. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by inthebinsoon. Laptop for Computer Science? Freshman going into CS, and I'm trying to figure out what laptop to bring to Purdue. If you're into more of the entrepreneurship side, check out The Anvil. Can't recommend this enough, you only have to do about half of the total work in the class to get an A. Thank goodness I don't have to take that course. So here's my two cents: The course: You will like it if you like writing (we have weekly reading responses, 2 big. BS in AI: CS degree, but with a selection of data science/AI related psychology and philosophy courses. As far as fixing some of the absolutely broken courses we have, it takes a lot of feedback to get something to change. Should I go to Purdue? : r/Purdue. ago I just finished up the course with Maji. If you have any future inquiries use the search bar to search for CS CODO as. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 7th or 8th edition is the textbook if you like reading more than videos. If you're into theoretical CS, it's a great class, otherwise you might struggle. 307 isn't very difficult (will depend on the project your team designs) but it takes a lot of your time and there's no way to get around the time sink. CS348 -Last fall semester was really easy (Prof Bharat), this spring was fairly difficult (Prof Bertino). Easiest CS Graduate Cores : r/Purdue. cs 533e, You plonker romney, Flip pad android, Crm 79169! Celebrating 30 . how to do well on the cs182 final. However, I am leaning towards applying for CIT, since the degree seems less theoretical than CS, and the courses also seem more flexible and diverse than the CS major. I have seen the shell project and it has a lot of stuff. Just a thought that if you need some review on classes that aren’t being rated you could look the class up on Purdue Reddit or any other. So far, I have picked CS250, CS251, CS390-CP2 (I am in CP1 right now), STAT416 (machine intelligence track req I wanna get done sooner), and COM217. I don't like being in the middle of nowhere. I assume this is the case because it allows Purdue to still make money on tuition while keeping it's average grades nice and low so it still looks like a difficult place to graduate from. btw, I'll be taking 15 credit hours [assuming I take one of these] Any thoughts on these classes with these professors? I had Wagstaff for 355 and enjoyed it. Undergrad at University of Toronto Computer science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. So a 4 credit hour is 8-12 hours a week of work/study. CS 180 assumes no experience/prior knowledge. Here's some stats for both colleges: Stat: Purdue | GT. I'm taking CS307, CS354, CS381, and 6 filler credits (15 total). Purdue Cs Acceptance Rate Reddit. I think around 200-250 per year, but ever since my freshman year i think they’ve decreased it maybe/made it harder to get into cs. 63K subscribers in the Purdue community. If I can hear you over my noise cancelling headphones, then it’s a …. The second half of the class is dedicated to learning. TechyMitch1 Computer Science B. I’ve met a lot of Purdue to gt transfers here it’s completely up to you whether to come or not after 2 semester. Yep and calc 3 and linear algebra are already cs requirements. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA. CE 355 is pretty easy and there is no exam or quiz. The most useful part of 307, 407, and 408 is that they gave me a lot to talk about during interviews (in equal parts showing off how you handle team dynamics and showcasing your experience). Programming languages prepares you to work on language specific problems like compiler optimization, languages design, parsers, memory models for operating systems, virtualization and so much more. 1 on AP compsci A exam : r/Purdue. Hi! I am a Junior in CompE and was originally planning on taking IE 335 (Optimization) for my breadth elective because it seemed pretty interesting/useful and I heard that in past years it has been pretty easy. For those taking CSE 355, here's a repo of study. However, I am concerned if my grades are up to par. UCSD if those things do not matter, or if USC would require you to take on excessive debt. That being said, saying nothing won't help fix problems either. CS 193: A Very easy 1 credit class. Yes, it’s a very competitive major here. Now, my advisor informed me that 355 next Spring is likely to be taught by Maji. In addition to the body of courses required of all College of Science students, DSCS majors will take courses in data mining and machine learning, data analytics, probability, and. Wasn’t hard for me when I took it but I have to admit it’s a lot of self learning and the TA’s were not helpful at all. But anyways CS 38003 is basically a 5 week python class, it is a pretty easy course but it does pick up in speed by week 4. Allgamesdude Purdue CS Alum • 4 yr. From the past two days, what strikes me the most is that CS 251 Campuswire is dead. “If we did take in 800 students, we’d have to have three or four sections at once. If anyone has any tips on how to prepare or what not to do during the semester, it would be greatly appreciated. Both 182 and 240 are prereqs for 250 and 251. Please take those Sipser solutions with a huge grain of salt (I believe there is at. Proof that the Euclidean Algorithm Works. If you look up just purdue cs acceptance rate you see that it come up with 25% (but I don't know how true that is). The range of a C falls from 73 to 76% according to the pre-adjustment chart. Correctness and efficiency of the algorithm is important here. I've created a website to help CS students manage the CS track system and find the best courses for a person to take to finish a track in CS. They are very different, a CS major will not be configuring your routers and servers just like a CIT major wont be writing a new operating system. Glad to hear this about the CS building, but your second. There’s a reason people want him for research projects. - I've started a nonprofit organization that earned me a prestigious. Also keep in mind that bc it's at the bottom of the list, it doesnt mean. You weren’t spoon fed how to do malloc in 252. Feel free to chime in, this also teacher dependent ofc: 381, 252, 373, 473, 348, 471, 242 (440 unknown) di3ggity • CS '24 • 1 yr. 13 or 16 credits as a CS Freshman (1st sem) : r/Purdue. I saw a post from last year talking about how the acceptance rate for Computer Science at Purdue was around 22 percent. idk what they want, shows how random college admissions are. I'll probably be up till like 1-2ish maximum, but I have two finals tomorrow (one in the morning (CS180), and one at night (Calc)), so I do need some sleep but I …. Apply the division algorithm x= yq+ r, 0 ≤ rSTAT 355 Midterm Prep : r/Purdue. Expect to spend extra time studying academic topics such as test coverages types, subsumption, and graphs/definitions. It says on myPurdue that the cs honors degree requires a 3. I'm taking cs354 with Park this spring and I'm a little worried because I've heard he doesn't do any lecture notes/powerpoints. , University of Northwestern Ohio. i took history of death disease and medicine, or something like that with Wendy kline. He made 355 pretty worthwhile overall. Hardest CS core class? : r/Purdue. I can't say much about 426, but I've heard it isn't as bad as 355 from other people in the security track. Other than that, the rest of your schedule seems pretty doable. Purdue is an R1 institution, so research is very available for undergrads if you are willing to look for opportunities. I really wouldn't take 3 CS courses when 381 is one of them. Still an easy A class with 90+ as A. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer to Purdue for CS. I'm still doing decently well in other CS courses, outside of the theory heavy CS 355 (Cryptography) course I'm taking this semester. Overholser, PharmD, Purdue University College of Pharmacy, Research Institute 2: Room 402, 950 W. Purdue came out of the land grant act signed by Abe Lincoln to start universities focused on agriculture and science. Undergraduate course listing; Catalog Title Instructor Time; CS 15900: C Programming: Alan R. My son was recently accepted for CS at UMD (ML track & Fire – a research program) and Purdue, and his primary interest is AI. And on the activities front there were plenty of clubs and opportunities to be impactful immediately. A historically significant Internet figure, he is renowned for first analyzing the Morris Worm, one of the earliest computer worms, and his role in the Usenet. Related Posts Improving grades in a computer science course: Effects of a theoretically-driven course redesign; Neque porro quisquam …. CS 352 vs CS 381 : r/Purdue. CS34800 - Information Systems : TBD. The required CS courses for BA in AI majors are:. Not sure how much time you have left here, I'm guessing 3 semesters. Awesome, thanks for the insight!. If you want to hear the complaints of other students I suggest looking at Professor Sack’s ratemyprofessor page. More generally, the extended Euclidean . If you’re wondering if you can transfer credit from another university, check out the Transfer Credit …. Even with open-notes exams, people barely got up to 80%. CS 373 (Machine Learning) - Lots of info really really fast, but very interesting. I think god is real man I got a B. Semester 2: CS 182 is discrete math, which is the theory and the math behind computer science and algorithms in particular. I havent taken 235 but it seems to be a fine class and sounds like it would be more useful to your major. I've had difficulty understanding the concepts, and it doesn't help that it's somewhat difficult to understand our professor in lectures due to his accent. (Try to get an A in CS 180 tho) It's not as impossible as some people make it out to be. Hey all - I am currently a junior in CS who is behind on the coursework. If you have experience with coding in Java or coding in general, you should be set for the first year. Had him in aae251: intro to aerospace design. So it is much cheaper especially when you. What are some good tips for getting it done quickly since that is probably the longest project. Purdue students interested in changing their major should meet with their current academic advisor to discuss their options and begin the online process. I've heard from CS friends CS180 is pretty tough, so be warned. CS 355 - Took with Maji - extremely math heavy, tons of proofs. Now waiting for results from UIUC, UTA, UCSD, Maryland, USC, Duke, UNC, UCI and NYU. I chose Purdue over UIUC strictly due to curriculum, since Purdue's courses were less heavy on physics and chem requirements and went deep into CS courses since first sem. I'm considering taking both classes at the same time next semester since I really don't have any other difficult classes left to take. Responsibilities are teach/lead labs/PSO, grade labs, conduct office hours, answer questions on piazza. MA 375 and CS 182 : r/Purdue. how to do well on the cs182 final : r/Purdue. If you don't pass your testing out, dw bout it, it won't put you behind or anything. I WAS ABLE TO CODO TO CS : r/Purdue. , Admits from Stanford, Cornell, UCLA, Purdue, USC, NCSU, UCSD. We will cover topics such as classical ciphers, encryption (secret-key and public-key), cryptographic hashing, digital signatures, secure authentication, key management, Public Key Infrastructure, and zero. Admission difficulty? : r/Purdue. That said, to my understanding a. MA 265 and 266 have a lot of ajunct/new professors, very hit or miss. Purdue waitlist updates anyone???? Specifically CS?? Purdue is my ultimate dream school and I’ve sent LOCI already and called and asked for updates on May 1. encryption; Historical ciphers (3 weeks) Monoalphabetic substitution ciphers. Purdue OOS is a little over $40k. I just don’t want to miss out on something useful before graduating. Our final project wouldn't even compile. The Purdue website indicates that the College of Science has no learning community for CS. Oftentimes you will not be allowed to honors contract a course with an honors section, depending on the professor, so keep. CS Security track? : r/Purdue">How to split up courses for the CS Security track? : r/Purdue. The final project isn't too different from project 4 honestly, and more open ended grading wise, so I'd say hardest project in the class is project 4- prepare. Celik) who's going to teach CS390 in Fall. Gotta get a little creative when single. My advice to you is to just learn the basics of java before hand. Stat 512 Advice : r/Purdue. They're both entirely professor dependent. 373 is just about equally notorious. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • Posted by csmajor23. I think CS 354 is more dependent on your opinion towards CS 252 (Systems Programming) than CS 250. It probably won't help much in terms of internship, though it might help with grad school admissions. As u/auris mentioned, there is software engineering as a track for the computer science major, which should cover the software engineering requirements for the major you want. If you did well in 262 then 303 won't be horrible. But I cannot see any Prof on campus just be so arrogant to bring the class percentage down. Now as I started in cs the year the data science major was created. I picked Purdue ultimately because of its strong undeclared program, and I am glad I was able to find a major with that program. CS 182 Online Resources : r/Purdue. MT355 Marketing Research; 6 upper. dawg Im getting my ass dragged through the mud in this class 🫡 nothing feels worse than when the test average is high in a class you're not doing well insee you again next semester i guess. Allgamesdude Purdue CS Alum • 3 yr. Purdue has a better reputation in the tech industry. Grades are set to be released 5pm EST on Tuesday, May 9th. They shed some tears to that project More posts from the Purdue community. Hey! I'm going to be pursuing a CS minor too. CS at Purdue or Drexel : r/csMajors. PSY 222 introduction to behavioral neuroscience. The classes I am taking are: CS180 MA161 SCLA101 ANTH203 If you have any tips, strategies and things to look out for, please let me know! Any notes about the lessons from previous students will be. 416 when I took it was not bad it was one homework a week which took like 2 hours tops and a quiz a week and exams weren’t bad as well. r/Purdue • CS 252 and STAT 350. I think sometimes your academic advisor may even stop you from doing it. If I really wanted to, I could also do the HW then but I prefer to do it on my own. I'm just going to say this here as this always happens. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. 6+ W gpa, 1550 SAT, good ECs with lots of engagement in CS + math, and 3x AIME qual + state math award and got deferred. Looking for information on specific courses or professors? You can browse available courses on the Purdue Course Catalog, you can look up course reviews on Rate My Courses, and/or you can look up professor reviews on Rate My Professor. Since there are no seats for stat 350, I am thinking to take one class from stat 355 with T J Kraton or stat 511 with Jun Xie. PRO: Well established for cs and stem overall. CS acceptance rate was 22% last year. If you want an easier class take it with gustavo if he is teaching it. Dartmouth was also where the first artificial intelligence paper was written, and has a very close alumni base. But regardless… 5548 first year applicants accepted a place on the waitlist, but only 19 were actually admitted. However, it'll ramp up pretty quickly. Admission Results Are In! : r/Purdue. Maybe you won't use CS in your day to day life but it sure is something important especially with how digitalized the world is getting. You use all the knowledge for interviews, future projects, and not to mention, it's a pre-req for (almost) all CS courses you'll be required to take in the future. My SAT scores arent extradonairy either (1680). Reddit iOS Reddit Android Rereddit Communities About Reddit Blog Careers Press. For C, I've found that using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is the easiest way to deal with C. This is one of the trickiest and hardest classes in CS, especially the problem reduction and NP-completeness part. Any and all help is appreciated. There is a midterm and a group final . In typical CS major manner, CS 354 and 355 concurrently?. I'll probably finish going through the rest of the lectures later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. In the event of a major campus emergency such as a tornado or flu epidemic, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages. Purdue CS Track Analyzer Website. The Department has been doing significant hiring over the past two years, which is very rare among History Departments across the country. CS 456 - Programming Languages. Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice 7th. all you cs/ds majors out there, help me out PLEASE fully failed the first and second midterm and I'm hanging on by a thread because of homeworks and quizzes r/Purdue • If you are in a public study space that is pretty quiet, don’t. I would imagine cost of living is 3x to 5x Purdue, if that matters to you. Opinions on purdues DATA major? I originally wanted to do cs or ds at purdue, but i realized i hated the nitty gritty parts of coding. I will be completing FYE this spring - plan to major in EE. Hello all! I am currently a freshman in CS and I was looking for advice for my fall 2021 course selections. I probably failed the prereqs this semester anyway though so it’s good 👍. Undergraduate course listing; Catalog Title Instructor Time; CS 15900: C Programming. its possible, the last two interns on my team were a freshman and sophomore. Most stuff in CS 240 is really important for later on. Is purdue slowly creeping up there in outcomes and selectivity? I swear even GA Techs rate for CS is like 13%. For CS 240, the recommended book is C Programming Language, 2nd Edition. Get a feel for the language before the semester begins. Compared to a school like UM which has a COA of close to $60k for OOS. Apparently they made 180 pretty hard this year. You can express how that minor separates you from other candidates and how you can take advantage of the minor in your job position. If the DS student is more stat driven they use stat 512 as their elective which is both challenging and a mess of a class, but the material is extremely useful for doing DS work and analyzing trends. If it does have a solution, find all of its solutions. the CS-DS overlap is crazy and it’s probably one of the more common dual majors to obtain because of that. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit CS355 comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a …. Average new grad CS salary for Purdue is in the 90-100K range, while ECE is ~80K. I am a Senior in Computer Science, ask me anything! : r/Purdue. Understanding groups part one in this problem we. How is CS 473? Medium difficulty. It basically goes [CS]180/182 (maybe 193) -> 240/250 -> 251/252 -> Concentration + Electives. CS 193 (1) CS 180 Black (4) CS 191 (1) (He told me that I don't need to take an English class cuz I got AP Eng language & Comp. But if weren't familiar already then it was tricky and you had to hunt for. For CS 182, the recommended book is Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Author: Kenneth H. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. Throughout the year they try to weed out students through the projects and homeworks, however it isn't hard not to succeed in this course as there are tons of resources provided to help the students. Take the course with Dunsmore, he has really engaging lectures. There are other good majors like applied math, data science, statistics, and cognitive science. how true is this? if you have any experience w/ the following. 3 GPA, but I've heard the average admission is a 3. Recommended IDE is Intellij IDEA. - have part one and the midterm count for 25% and earn up to 5% additional extra credit by completing part two. As of now, I am considering buying the book for CS 240 and just buying the e-textbook for 182. Literally how you’d expect a CS major to edit a video lol. Professor Turkstra, who also teaches the class, is also a great teacher. The credit system is # of lecture hours per week a course is, and the general rule is each credit requires at least 2-3 hours of work / study outside of class. Breakdown could be 30% instate, …. CS307 -pretty easy, but you need a team of 4-6, or one will be assigned to you. So you will probably not get a 0 overall. CS 159 TA here! The course assumes no prior experience in coding and it starts slowly with very basic material. CSCI-N 100 - Introduction to Computers and Computing. 2 is a decent gpa that will satisfy most job cutoffs, and 3. 2019 Variable-order fractional . Rejected from Purdue cs west Lafayette campus 34 act, 1500 sat, 95% aggregate school percentage from 9th to 12th. I’m doing a similar set, but instead: CS307, CS252, STAT350, MA265, and EAPS106. You'll be given a large data set and instructed to write an algorithm that usually performs some kind of preprocessing and performs one of the big algorithms taught in lecture. I wouldn't recommend taking 252, 422 and 354 in the same semester especially a summer. Also i doubt calling and asking will help but doesn’t hurt to try. While I was in college (CMU), I worked for the undergraduate admissions office as a campus tour guide and essay reader (work study). There are a lot of CS majors here on Reddit that will read this and probably be able to help you further. For CS, a MacBook is more than fine. One prof teaches it from a very mathy perspective, whereas another is significantly more applied. Purdue’s CS acceptance rate is around 20%, but I believe that is overall and not broken down by IS or OOS. Purdue is DIRECT admit Wisconsin is GENRAL admit Direct admit school do a much better job controlling CS class enrollment, as they prioritize the CS majors and size the class and the department accordingly. CS 471 with Sacks : r/Purdue. I believe that Purdue is no longer allowing students to transfer into CS due to the already overwhelming number of students. Second semester, both majors take CS182 discrete math but CS takes C programming (CS240) and DS takes python(CS380) There are many classes that DS majors take that are in the CS …. I'd say that the general level of homeworks and projects ranged from moderate to hard, depending. AMST 32500 Sports, Technology and Innovation. Does anyone have tips? I took a similar combination except replace CS307 with CS348, and took one more CS class and a math class. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by donttrackmereddit1. CS38100 - Introduction To The Analysis Of Algorithms : Jeremiah M. It is soul crushing and the waves keep crashing and most feel that when they tKe the course. If I were you, I would try and get an early foothold on 182 and 240 over winter break so that you can deal with the workload better. Very strong corporate partners program. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by Confident_Catch_8641. Both are among the hardest undergraduate level CS courses. If you don't mind writing essays and are interested in the material then it's an easy A course. Make sure after you copy and paste into vocareum you do gg (lowercase) = G (capital) (gg=G) and that should reformat it all. First project TA called me up why my submission had like 2 …. 10 comments WiF1 • Alumni CS '19 • 5 yr. Throughout CS180 and CS240 I have never had an assignment where this. CS Major with Math minor : r/Purdue. As far as preparing for 422, I would look into the internet protocol stack (5 layers, not 7). I suffer from a mild case of Dyslexia and ADHD, although I am good at academics. Take it with Park in the Spring and you won't regret your decision. Is there anyway good resources to study this? The only tip I can give you is to find a serious study group of people in your class who are confused as you are, and hammer it out together. the homeworks were all like 20+ pages long and they. Anyone else really scared for the exam Thursday? I feel like the material and examples taught in class do not help with the homeworks. For Office work, either is fine. It will probably be the toughest of these 3. 327 would be with Huber and 375 would be with Nowack. Also the homeworks are starting to get more and more complicated and the current one has me drawing blanks on what to do and is leaving me frustrated. One is not necessarily "harder" than the other one. Tips for classes I’m an incoming freshman at purdue majoring in CS. Hey, CS student here, took both, unless you are interested in legit CS don't take these classes 180 = learning basics of how to program + O. C is still high level, but maps more directly with assembly and makes it easy to do system calls and manual memory management. Allgamesdude Purdue CS Alum • Additional comment actions Can’t give you too much advice on 381 since I haven’t taken it yet, but assuming you’re taking 252, use office hours if you already arent. 381 will be a hard class so don't add a third cs class. Just keep practicing, watch lectures and try to apply it. Has anyone taken or are taking any of the above classes? CS 578 Statistical machine learning, CS 573 Data mining and machine learning, cs 577 natural language processing, CS 536 Networks, 502 Compilers, 560 Reasoning about programs, 503 Operating Systems, 580 Algorithms, 505 distributed systems, 588 Randomized algorithms, 541 databsases, …. In short if you know AP stats you might get some review, if not then it is not that big a deal. berrarifan Doctoral Student • 8 mo. How difficult/time consuming is it too take CS 252 in the summer? comments sorted by. Granted, these numbers are for the entire school, rather than the CS program specifically. Hi everyone, So I was admitted into both schools, CS in Purdue (College of Science) and CSE in OSU (College of Engineering). 252 might be a lot of project work which conflicts with 373 project work. MA 26600 Ordinary Differ Equatn. I really liked participating in the data mine and want to steer more towards data analytics. 😀 Would love to see a engg stat if anybody has it. ) Regarding the 4+1 program as opposed to a "standard" M. Like another commentator said, CS240 and 182 is a big jump from 180. The coding is done in Python (2. One thing to note is you have to take the classes in off-peak semesters (when most CS majors aren’t taking them). CS 426 with spaf is a lot of reading can get time consuming. For the social aspect, I'd say Purdue is like any other public school. 511 is an intro to statistics class. This is taken from this semester's CS252 Piazza page. (CS might not work bc it’s way more impacted than DS). Just skip class at that point and talk somewhere where you aren’t going to bother everyone else. The class covers American military affairs and its really fun and he makes the class engaging and easy. It depends on what you want to get out of Purdue CS. SAT: 1480(700 Reading, 780 Math first attempt) AP: No AP class available OLYMPIADS: National Genius Search Examination Stage 1 National Merit Scholarship Examination Stage 1 All India rank 343 in National Science Talen Search Examination …. While 240 will be difficult, it will not be impossible if you manage your time correctly, start your hws and projects on time, and go to office hours if needed. I'll probably be up till like 1-2ish maximum, but I have two finals tomorrow (one in the morning (CS180), and one at night (Calc)), so I do need some sleep but I will be up for a pretty long time. Highly recommend taking this course if you're in CS at Purdue, it's very worth learning CS 526 (Christina Garman) - A. I immediately reset my passwords and reflected on the shame I've brought myself and the department. For the other elective, I'd highly recommend taking CS 251 - DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS - as it is essentially the epitomy of the minor. CS37300 - Data Mining And Machine Learning : Romila Pradhan & Jean Honorio. Housing is the issue at the UCs. Just so you know CS 38003 is a prereq for CS 242, you cannot take then at the same time. Purdue's response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on diversity admissions for colleges (source:13WTHR) r/Purdue •. Eugene Howard Spafford (born 1956), commonly known as Spaf, is an American professor of computer science at Purdue University and a leading computer security expert. First, apply to Purdue for a not as competitive major. reReddit: Top posts of March 29, 2022. one of the only things i enjoyed was the reinforcement learning part. Below is what I have wrote about him: Elisha Sacks is the worst professor I had at Purdue. Skipping cs180 means you will be taking cs182 with Professor Rego which you don't want to do and taking stat 355 semester 1 means you will be taking stat 416 probability as a second semester freshman. Terminology like "heuristic search" and "expert systems" and so on are from that era. If not just go to the extensions tab and search for C and install language support. Ask me anything: Purdue CS : r/Purdue. Not many schools really offer a DS program but out of the ones that do Purdue is definitely up there. You’ll need to have luck on your side. He is is usually extremely quiet but everyone here is very nice to him and we all help him when we can. Final grades - Freshman in CS: CS 180: A This class was really easy during the first half, but then the homework and project 4 and 5 got really difficult. So literally no one got an A on the exam. im an incoming freshman and i got into purdue for CS, but now im extremely nervous. to address this point, CS 355 is a lot more math heavy than its CNIT counter part (I haven't taken the CNIT course so I might be wrong). Meet with a Computer Science Advisor during …. CS Career Fair : r/Purdue. Looking for information on specific courses or professors? You can browse available courses/professors on the Purdue Course Catalog, you can look up course reviews on Rate My Courses or Course Insights, and you can look up professor reviews on Rate My Professor. Former GTA for Comer's CS354 here. Did just fine solo - for the times when I was stuck I simply GroupMe'd a friend - but was 90% on my own. You litterally only need to take 1 extra class to get the minor. The material in general isn’t challenging either. UCSD is a more fun place to live. i never took it, but i hear that 473 is decently useful for industry. CS 448 -Introduction to Relational Database Systems. I'm struggling to choose between one the following for next semester: CS 355 [Wagstaff], CS 352 [Zhiyuan Li], and CS 426 [Clifton]. Tips for CS 354 (OS) : r/Purdue. I personally found the class really easy because there were a lot of resources and they made the exams open note (not sure if that was a COVID thing or not) but I know some people who. Is purdue (wl) done giving admits for ms cs? as mine still shows "awaiting", if they wanted to give a reject why can't they just inform us. I just got accepted into Purdue and so far its my top choice, and I got accepted with a bs in AI as my major. Keith Frikken • Basic introduction to computer security • Not an in-depth course of cryptographic protocols or secure system design –- it is more high level • Primary difference to 355: less mathematically focused and more systems focused. For reference, 352, 354, and 381 are not recommended to take in a single semester. I need to take an upper level (300+) elective, any recommendations? The easiest the better, but I'm up for a harder, more interesting one. Currently cs334 is kinda messy and I've heard sacks makes it really much worse. Did anyone take CS 422 - computer networks with professor Chunyi Peng? I am considering dropping the course, her teaching style does not seem to align with my learning style. CS Course Load (CS 422, CS 426, POL 327) : r/Purdue. Need an easy 3 credit hour com course to finish out my com minor, already took 318 and 374 comments r/Purdue • CS 381 exam find efficient method of handing out exams (NP-Hard). 355 Without AP Stats : r/Purdue. CS 182 and MA 375 have almost same concept (discrete math) but CS 182 is prerequisite of other CS classes. CS 334 - Fundamentals of Computer Graphics. PSA to freshman wanting to CODO into CS. I don't have any advice other than to just show up to lecture. Purdue University and Microsoft Research jenneville@microsoft. DD was told by a UIUC admissions rep that UIUC’s CS admission rate was 12%, but that was for incoming freshmen for the Fall 2019 and he was addressing a 100% in-state audience. reReddit: Top posts of March 2022. Start studying Purdue CS355 Final Exam Review. Park's OS is the nicest OS you could ask for. But for the purpose of NLP research, I think 502 is more relevant than 565. encryption; Historical ciphers (3 weeks) Monoalphabetic substitution ciphers Caesar cipher; Frequency analysis; Polyalphabetic substitution ciphers. In addition to the body of courses required of all College of Science students, data science majors will take courses in data mining and machine learning, data analytics. 2D Materials for Wearable Energy Harvesting. It looks like some other people already gave the solid reasoning behind Purdue, so here's my more entertaining reasons as to why you should choose Purdue: A fine collection of dancing students who congregate on Fridays while wearing morph suits. In the case that the Linear credit does transfer, I will have to take a CS course to take its place. Carnegie Mellon is in the top 5 in terms of cs undergrad programs in the us. The bulletin board in Lawson (Purdue’s computer science building) stated that the acceptance rate was 28% for Fall 2019 CS undergraduates. It's still a programmer's responsibility to know the underlying. The volatility of having no work to do and then having potentially too much work to do would just piss me off honestly. I'm considering swapping it for EAPS 360 but I think the 390 will be more interesting to me. I never did office hours or anything, but he is super clear in explaining everything and answers any questions that people have during class. Opportunities for freshman internships are absolutely there, but they're not always known. I’ve heard it’s gotten more competitive since I got accepted into it. CS 182 is probably the first non-English class I've ever had in my life that I've struggled this much in. Getting a job in the mid $100s is hard. You never think it's you who'll be the one to fall for the traps, but your incompetency rears its ugly head the moment you least expect it to. Hey! I'm a freshman and was in a very similar experience to you last semester. BlockSufficient7482 • CS + STAT ‘24 • 7 mo. Purdue Computer Science : r/UCSC. The culture is also amazing and you have so many opportunities available whether that be career based or personal. Purdue CS is direct admit if you apply to the program. My goal is to work in the AI field eventually, but I was wondering what the general consensus is on this degree vs just a bs in comp sci. Towards the the end of the semester you gotta write some arm assembly for compiling to raspberry pis. More students they accepted decided to go to Purdue then they expected. I took CS 352 last semester, also with a different professor, and found it really interesting but extremely time consuming when it came to projects (like 48+ hours of work on a single project). This puts me at 15 credit hours I believe. Can someone tell me what kinda laptop I would require to run all the different applications and programs and everything required for the CS major. Recently I got admitted to Purdue for CS as a community college student in Illinois. Only taking one of 182/240 would still keep you a semester behind. I graduated in May 2021 with 1 internship at a medium sized company. Programming assignments were very hard, did not have much prior data structures experience. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • by l_o_f_i_t_e_a. Can you please recommend active clubs in computer science department that are welcoming and open to non CS majors. Thoughts on doing the 4+1 program in Computer Science? : r/Purdue. r/UTAustin constantly tells people to avoid trying to transfer into CS. Please remember to follow the rules of posting within megathreads, which can be found in the main megathread post linked below. I personally think that Systems track also cover most important courses for undergrad. 7 Cumulative GPA, A in CS180, A- in Calc III. Useful course, good professor, not an overwhelming amount of reading. Others (even in this same thread) have had the …. CS 352 Compilers? Which one is more difficult for the average CS kid? the final project for CS 354 the Fall of 2021 semester (taught by Comer) was creating a pipe device driver and implementing it into the operating systems already made shell. Purdue felt almost like a private school. He gives lectures for the first few weeks. It's nearing the end of the semester and our recent midterm felt about the same difficulty as the first midterm, and I got a 57 on the first one. I would love to go to Purdue, but I am a bit overwhelmed and anxious (looking at the out of state tuition). Computer Science Courses: Fall 2023. You need 120 credits to graduate, which is an average of 15 credits per semester. Instructor: Samuel Wagstaff Office: 1167 LWSN Phone: 494-6022 Email: ssw@cs. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. But otherwise it is an easy A class. You might think a double major is a good idea, just wait. I have taken cs307 and I have an internship for the summer. CS 242 on the other hand, takes CS 38003, and dumps a lot of stat theory and R in the mix. Lets say they have space for 7'000 students in a class, for simplicities sake let's say they predict a 50% yield rate, so to fill out the class of 7'000 they send out 14'000 acceptance, lets say now that 60% of students accept the offer, the university now has a housing. (Would rather end up with a PASS than a C or B at most) So yup! The courses are: AAE 20300 or. The key is to be on top of your assignments and get in the habit of starting/finishing them early as this will allow you time to get help when the assignments get tougher. CNIT 14100 - Internet Foundations, Technologies, and Development. Any easy CS 300 level courses for CS minor? : r/Purdue. CS 252 is a ton of coding and time consuming. Distance: 3 hour drive | 10 hour drive. I took both classes, and in my experience, CS 473 is a more specific class, covering ML techniques related to web search, information retrieval, web crawling, etc. I'm thinking of taking EAPS104 for an easy, interesting, fun A. Trev tutor is pretty good as a resource. I am interested in taking some of these 3 classes: cs 355 crypto, cs 505 distributed system, cs 541 database. CS42200 - Computer Networks : Chunyi Peng. C++ isn't necessary, but if you try to do everything in C. There isn't much to do to prepare for the courses besides study the textbook and slides in advance and throughout the course. While it likely won't affect much, I'll be taking these CS classes alongside EAPS 112. Students pursuing the doctorate in computer …. Hambrusch is great, others not so much from what I hear. However, UW Madison has a slightly higher reputation overall. Vigen're cipher; Beaufort cipher; Kasiski method; Index of coincidence; Rotor and Hagelin. If you didn’t fill it out, use the class slides and fill em out. I'm in my first class so far (distributed systems), and it is a very good class, but beyond that, I obviously can't speak much on the curriculum of the grad program itself quite yet (although I am optimistic that it will be worthwhile. Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to come visit Purdue before I have to make a decision. Ended up taking the full time offer there with TC $80K. Compound data structures for-computer-aided design: a survey. CS 251 (Data structures and algos) - If you've done everything else, this one isn't bad. Using Dominance Analysis to Decompose Narcissism and Its. reReddit: Top posts of February 11, 2023. PDF CS 355, Fall, 2019, Homework3. I expect to get either a C or B. 182 is one class of about 400 right now (completely fills EE 129). Take my word, Purdue math classes are suffering. But I have to agree, CS390 WAP was one of my least favorite classes at Purdue. 1- there are definitely some big boy companies that recruit out of purdue, whether they attend a CS career fair or not. And sometimes you have to think outside the box, meaning add something extra that is. I am taking CS 580 next semester, and the prerequisite is CS 381 (undergrad Algorithms). 348 is just tedious, 473 isn’t too bad (like medium difficult cs). If it does have a solution, find all of its solutions. If your semester is already full of difficult. CS 373 - B, but I took P/F because I wasn't taking any chances CS 390I - A, needed an easy upper level credit CS 407 - A+ EAPS 111 - C MA 265 - C STAT 350 - C+ My time at Purdue got worse at it went on, I failed calc 3 twice and withdrew once. Took it this semester and somehow managed to get a C. Easy CNIT or CS classes : r/Purdue. This has to be one of the most extravagant memes created for a very small amount of people in a very niche subreddit. 5+ GPA while getting at least an A- in the required classes, you should be fine. CS252 Shell Project in a Nutshell : r/Purdue. Since they're your only two CS classes and you seem to only be taking 12 credits, I'd say it might be okay. Course content was very fun, but significantly harder if you're new to programming. ECE junior here planning on taking EEE 35500 for my engineering breadth requirement. ) Yes, you can dual major! You can talk to your advisor about those details. Good ecs and essays The admissions process is -_-. I’m inclined to say yes (better facilities, networking, reputation, Atlanta location) but see how it goes for you. Incoming CS major here and I'm trying to figure what classes I'll have to take 1st semester. UC Davis vs Purdue : r/ApplyingToCollege. Li was pretty good, you use yacc and lex for parsing, and either c or c++ for interpreting and compiling (you choose). Purdue University Regular Decision Megathread. (c) Energy Requirements for Physical Work, Research Progress Report No 30, Purdue Farm Cardiac Project, Agricultural Experiment Station, 1961;. CS250 Grade Distribution Before and After Final. Graduating as a "computer science" major is important to me. I would recommend taking at least CS 180 Java, and CS 240 Programming in C to help with landing an internship. I'm a CS senior and was lucky enough to have Turkstra for 180 and Gustavo for 252. Purdue CS is honestly just busy work …. Go to Purdue r/Purdue • Posted by AnarchyKnife IE '22. Thought I'd make this for my own reflection and it might be helpful for other compE or EE majors. Hey man congrats on FYE! As u/alreadygone136 suggested, I probably would not try to transfer into DS. Especially since it seems Purdue Codo for Cs/Ds is super competitive. (apparently this is not very hard since Purdue has a lot of UG students and they need TAs). Pages 14 Ratings 100% (2) 2 out of 2 people found this document helpful;. CS 354 (Operating Systems) - Big coding assignments in assembly and C. Courses for classes are spread out throughout the campus buildings.