1942 D Mercury Dime Error 1942 D Mercury Dime ErrorGet the best deals for 1942 over 41 mercury dime at eBay. Other features of the 1940 Mercury dime. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1942 D Mercury Dime Rare Error at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. However, the 1937 nickel is famous because of an interesting and rare variety where the buffalo has only three legs. This Roosevelt dime fetched a high price because of its formidable condition. Some are not selling too well at this time such as common date, circulated Roosevelt dimes dated after 1964, heavily used dimes, and dimes from the last few years, and common modern dimes. Philadelphia 1942 Year Mercury Dimes (1916. Class III means the die was hubbed with different "designs" (or hubs that had different. Collectors and dealers follow a process know as "grading" as they …. These are rare silver coins to look for. 1939 P NGC MS68 Mercury Silver Dime. W: elcome to the next free online E-Book. Coin Value Chart: Typical Coin Prices, Values and Worth in USD based on Grade/Condition. * Values are for coins in a grade of Extremely Fine-40, unless otherwise noted. Free shipping on 1942 S Mercury Dime Several Mint Errors Inverted S-DDO-DDR-RPM. 1961 dime value begins with its high silver content. Mint errors can occur on most any coin. 5 grams Current Silver Bullion Value: $1. This scourge began a bit more than five years ago, and …. This dime’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it was created from two different impressions from obverse hubs of different dates. Get the best deals on PCGS 1942 Year Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Free shipping on many items 1942/1 D MERCURY DIME XF40 SILVER 10C OVERDATE TEN CENT ERROR VARIETY. The 1934 Mercury Dime didn’t have any notable quirks or flaws, but all Mercury Dimes have a small flaw in their production. Meanwhile, the 1942 proof Mercury dime is worth an impressive $175 in Proof PF65 condition. Peace Dollars 1920s 1930s Certified Sets Collections The 1945-D Mercury Dime w/ Full Band Strike in PCGS 66. The value depends on the condition, circulation, mint, and potential errors. US Silver Type Dime Coin Collection 1889 Seated Liberty Philadelphia 1913 P Barber Dime 10 Cents and 1944 D Mercury Dime Collect Old Coins 5 out of 5 stars (1. Errors 764 Planchet Errors 105 Striking Errors 156 Die Errors 392 Other Errors. The Denver mint is the least valuable of the 1941 dimes, peaking at $2,000 for an uncirculated coin. Winged Liberty Head dimes, also known as Mercury dimes, are highly scarce. Wait, do you mean you know nothing, or do you really mean there is no nothing, implying there is something, but you want people to think about it so it then creates this …. MS 66 Graded 1942 Year Mercury Dimes (1916. A 1943 Denver dime graded XF45 is worth about $5. Shop for your 1929-S Mercury Dime at The Coin Shop. We look at valuable silver dimes, error coins, and other old coins. New Listing Full BANDS BU GEM 1942-d Silver Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB. By May of 1942 production of these nickels stopped. Errors 775 Planchet Errors 112 Striking Errors …. Despite the small number of minted coins, their value on the market is not significant. 1942-"W" Liberty/Mercury 10c Dime-ungraded wartime silver coin. Despite its face value of just 10 cents, unique coins have sold for up to $120,000. AU 55 Graded Mercury Dimes (1916. I do not have another 38-D to compare it to so I wasn't sure if they all came out this year in this year or not. Not magnetic and rather heavy for the size. Find below a description and close up view to help identify this valuable coin. And they did so despite Liberty being very obviously female, while Mercury was male. Mercury is the Roman god of trade, property and wealth as well as messenger to the other gods. There are no truly rare date/mint combinations, even in mint state, though there exists a wide span of relative rarity from one issue to the next. 1921 P costs $73 in a good, $90 in very good. The 1942 42 over 41 Overdate Error (1942/1-D) was one of the major errors in the silver Mercury Dime series. But it’s impossible to find a Roosevelt dime design on any other planchet — because the dime is the smallest U. 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s Carson City New Orleans San Francisco Philadelphia Denver GSA Certified Errors Varieties. The site estimates that the 1942 Mercury Dime with the 42 over 41 is worth $508 if found in average condition. At the time this article was written the coin is worth. 1946 was the beginning year of the Roosevelt series and many were saved as examples of the new dime. Roosevelt Dimes (1965- ) $5 – $100. According to the NGC Price Guide, a 1939 S Mercury dime in pristine and uncirculated condition can be sold for as much as $800 on the open market. The 1942 S MS 65 Winged Liberty Head dime sold at $1,234 on February 2023. 1916-D Mercury Dime: $30,497: 1845-O Seated Liberty Dime: $28,877: 1798 Draped Bust Dime: 8 Over 7 - 16 Stars: $25,288: 1805 Draped Bust Dime: 5 Berries: $22,968: 1861-S Seated Liberty Dime: $21,021: 1860-O Seated Liberty Dime: $21,021: 1824 Capped Bust Dime: 4 Over 2 - Pointed Top 1: $21,017: 1865-S Seated Liberty Dime: $18,764: 1942 Mercury. 1942 Mercury dime cud error?. Collectors use a scale that ranges from “poor” to “mint state” (MS) to grade the condition of a coin. This dime was determined by ANACS to be genuine. Are you thinking of the 1942/1? Reply user819321 • Additional comment actions. However, the uncirculated ones in pristine condition could cost as much as $625 on the open market. But there still plenty of dates from this popular early series …. 1 2 Last: luvmyCAM 09/06/2023: 20: 1,339: 09/20/2023 2:26 pm Coinfrog : 1842 Seated Liberty Half With Possible RPD : Steven49 09/19/2023: 3: 433: 09/20/2023 09:10 am. San Francisco 1944 Year Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) Shipping and returns View estimated shipping costs, delivery windows, and return policies at a glance. The design and model of the young Liberty on …. Please send an email for instructions on how to have your coin attributed. I am not sure why the legs of the 4 are longer and wider, except from possible die. \\\\\\\"Mercury\\\\\\\" Dimes were minted from 1916 to 1945. That is not to say that proof coins are more valuable than all business strikes. Remember, it’s not easy to get dimes with such mint errors. There are die chips on Roosevelt's face and at the reverse there are also nice die. However, the 1942/1 overdate is essentially a common coin in the circulated grades. Also read: Top 17 Most Valuable Mercury Dimes …. FYI everyone, OP's coin is a Denver mint coin. Ending Saturday at 10:07 SGT 4d 10h. Nowadays, these dimes are typically worth $2 to $50. Shop for your 1941-P Mercury Dime at The Coin Shop. Most rare coins with MS 69 ranking are worth about $850, but the auction record is even higher. The denomination was first authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792. 10 Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper Silver Weight:. 79 to $17, while you need to pay approximately $3. 1942 D Lincoln Wheat Cent: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. These pieces are odd, to say the least, particularly given that they are both from the same date. But the most valuable off-center errors show the coin’s full date. 1942 Mercury Dime PCGS MS-64FB Sharp Strike - Bright White Coin. You can get one circulated specimen for $3 to $35, while those in perfect condition can reach $35 to $1,440. 1942-P Lincoln Wheat Cent - 10% Clipped Planchet Mint Error! Scarce. These old Mercury head dimes minted in the 1930's are widely collected however and appreciated for their age. Silver Dime 1942 42 over 41 Mercury Dime Key Date Error Coin …. Values range from slightly above melt up to $25 for coins in mint state condition. Errors 773 Planchet Errors 111 Striking Errors 154 Die Errors 397 Other Errors 111. This 1942-D Mercury Dime has been certified as VF-35 by NGC, one of the top two coin grading services. 1941-D 10C Mercury Dime Uncirculated Full Split Bands (FSB) 90% Silver. Follow the steps to identify the premium collectible variety and quality. 2- 1942-s Mercury Dimes Both Have …. However, several of the coins produced had errors. 1942 D Over 41 D MERCURY DIME Error EXFINE Reproduction Restrike Tribute Token 1941D Mercury Dime Error Now MARKED DOWN. 81 mostly for the silver content. What is the 1941 mercury dime error? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! | Free shipping. These dimes can be worth a pretty penny. You won’t believe the value of a 1942/41 Mercury Dime!. Population of 189 coins at this grade level with 360 graded higher. All I know is that both are Victor David Brenner (V. The 1942 over 1941 Mercury Dime. I see a lot of this on the war time mercury dimes. Born on the eve of our nation's entry into World War I. Gem quality coins at MS65 carry a premium over Philadelphia quarters, valued at $50 compared to $36. 1937 NGC PF-67+ CAC MERCURY DIME!. coin made during the production of Roosevelt dimes, which were first struck in 1946. The price is for a heavily worn coin, in what is known as "Good" condition. 2- 1942-s Mercury Dimes Both Have Heavy Strike Doubling Error's 👀 Pics!!. In a high grade of MS 67+ RD, a 1942 San Francisco wheat penny can sell for around $2,300. 1942 D Mercury Dime BU 90% Silver Free Shipping With Five Items. Identify Date and Mint Marks first. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1942-d Mercury Head Dime. My first impression was that the 1942 dime was not a cud. history, vintage dimes are a popular collectible. Because the 1944 Dime is fine silver, its melt value is based on the current market price of this precious metal. 1916-D: $900 to $9,200 – Extremely low mintage. Coin information Types and Varieties, Overlays. Also, below are the facts about this dime: The San Francisco mint made them in 1999. in Mint State, the 1942/1 Dime is one of the rarest of all the Mint State Mercury Head Dimes. These are mint error dimes to look for. The dime, in United States usage, is a ten-cent coin, one tenth of a United States dollar, labeled formally as "one dime". 1944-S Silver Mercury Dime NGC MS67 Toned Coin AJ281 a d vertisement by DecaturCoinNJewelry Ad vertisement from shop DecaturCoinNJewelry DecaturCoinNJewelry From shop DecaturCoinNJewelry $ 81. #1 1965 Roosevelt Dime Silver planchet – PCGS MS62 $9,000. All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. Mercury Dime (1916-1945) Auction Prices Population CoinFacts Photograde ™ Set Registry. PCGS CoinFacts: Your Digital Encyclopedia of U. Because of the resemblance to the Roman god, Mercury, the coin became known popularly as the "Mercury Head. Counterfeit Coin Detection. The auction record for a 1902-O Dime graded MS 67 was set nearly 15 years ago in August 2007. For example the "uncirculated" 1935 dime pictured is valued …. It was graded MS68 by the PCGS, making it the finest example from 1949 ever seen by the independent organization. 1921 D; 1926 S; 1942/41; 1942/41 D; The Mercury dime, also known as the Winged Liberty Head dime, was designed by Adolph Weinman in 1916. Ending Monday at 5:53PM PST 18h 42m. There are two ways you can tell if the 1965 dime in your possession is made from silver or from cupronickel alloy: Look at the edge of the coin. Mint facilities around the United States:. coin varieties, and for decades, dealers and collectors have touted it as a great, valuable variety. 16 in Average Condition and can be Worth $9. These old Mercury dimes are widely collected however and there is potential of higher value. BARS 1942-D Mercury Dime 10c, Uncertified, Gem BU - Nice As Low as $18. Error Coins List By Denomination. Unfortunately, finding a piece in the full band range on the current coin market is almost impossible. There are no errors intrinsic to the 1935 Mercury Dime, and instead, the errors seen in this year of mintage run on a coin-by-coin basis as exemplified by the coin seen above which has been struck off center. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window Gold. Get the best deal for 1945 Mercury Dime US Error Coins from the largest online selection at eBay. 10 Most Valuable Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Mercury Dime Silver US Error Coins for sale. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1942/41 D NGC XF 40 Mercury Silver Dime. At the time of this writing, the NGC Price Guide on their website set the 1936 Walking Liberty (Mercury) dime’s melt value at $1. 1942 S 10C MERCURY DIME FS 501 INVERTED S FINE F ACTUAL COIN PICTURED. The value of a 1942 Wheat Penny ranges from $0. The 1940 Mercury dimes are round silver coins with a face value of ten cents and a reeded edge with precisely 118 reeds. One Dime 1942 Mercury, Coin from United States. The 1942/1 D Mercury isn't an obvious 1 smack dab in the middle. 1945 D Winged Capped "Mercury" Dime Mint Errors (Double Punch or Die?) $30. These coins are also inexpensive, ranging from $2 to $175. 1942-S Mercury Dime MS-67 PCGS (FB) - SKU#260883. Errors 763 Planchet Errors 108 Striking Errors 152 Die Errors 392 Other Errors 111. 1916 D Mercury Dime Coin, Silver Plated 10 Cents coin, Reproduction US Coin (526) Sale Price $ Vintage 1942 Mercury Dime Sterling Silver Tie Tack 1940s World War II Era Coin (39) $ 110. Collectors seeking these Roosevelt dimes from the silver era are looking for pleasing examples. At $10 for a Good-4 example, the album slot for a 1931-D Mercury dime is certainly more affordable to fill than the other dates in this list. Prices for circulated and mint state examples are nevertheless usually the same for dimes from both locations. Any of the three 1944 Mercury dime issues can be had for under $10 each in MS-60. Ad vertisement from shop DustyBootFinds. The 1916-D Mercury is the top key date for the Mercury dime series and runs about $1,000 and up in worn grades. The Philadelphia Story: The 1942 (P) Mercury Dime; The Denver Chapter: The 1942 D Mercury Dime; The Intriguing Tale of the 1942 S Mercury Dime; The 1942 (P) Proof Dime: A Collector’s Dream; The Tale of the 1942 Dime: Twists, Turns, and Treasures. 90% silver is part of the alloy in a vintage Roosevelt dime. coins, the head is a representation of Liberty. 2 million dimes were struck in 1921, but today there are far fewer coins left. 18 in Average Condition and can be Worth $12 to $36 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Many coin collectors know that World War II had an impact on American coinage. 48 and an above average example. 1942 P Mercury Dime NGC MS-67+ $199. Quickest way is to send a PM to the referee requesting 2 new year lines. The Obverse featured Lady Liberty with wings on her head. This 1942-S Mercury Dime is needed by anyone building a date and …. The 1944 Dime was 90% silver and 10% copper. 1942 Mercury Dime Value Guide. 024, which means that its face value is worth 5 times more than its melt value, as any silver content has been removed. 1942 D Mercury Dime Rare Error. PCGS MS67+ PCGS MS67+ PCGS #: 5042. Coins from this mint still in circulation today range from $2. Today, we will be talking about the 1943-D dime that can be worth much more than a few cents due to a small error, variety, or abnormality found on a select. The technology was a byproduct of the Manhattan Project which had ultimately ended WWII. 1942/1-D 10C, FB; Die Varieties. The dime, in United States usage, is a ten-cent coin ( 10¢ ), one tenth of a United States dollar, labelled formally as "one dime". 1993-D Lincoln Cent struck with …. Errors 775 Planchet 1942-D Mercury Silver Dime MS66 FSB. Check out our 1942 dime errors selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our coins & money shops. Hmmm so after looking at the suggested web site 'cuds-on-coins' it appears that 'lack of detail' on the side opposite the cud is not a hard and fast rule. 1940 10c Silver Mercury Dime NGC MS 66 FB | Uncirculated BU Full Bands. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. Proof Coins can be Worth $1,162 or more. A non-FB 1943-D Mercury dime is worth about $3 in good condition (G-4) and $3. 1942 & 1942 S 10C Mercury Dime PCGS MS65. 60 for a coin that is circulated and shows considerable wear. In higher grades these pieces become scarcer. 1942 D Mercury Dime FB Coin Pricing Guide. Another Mercury dime recently sold for more than $1,500. We cover key dates and some key errors to look for. 1942 Inverted S Mercury Dime. Errors 775 Planchet Errors 112 Striking Errors 154 Die Errors 398 Other Errors 111. I inherited this coin years ago and just found it again. 34K subscribers in the coincollecting community. The Philadelphia Mint produced the most coins for the 1942 Dime. 1942 D PCGS MS 66 FB Mercury Dime. It does have some doubling on the date as you say, but it is machine doubling rather than being from a doubled die. These numbers are based on coins in MS60 Condition or better. In addition, the USA Coin Book estimates the value of a 1934 Mercury dime in average condition to be $2. Most Mercury dime dates can be obtained with little difficulty, though some are extremely rare in high grade. Numbers of coins struck in the 1960's increased and Denver through 1964 struck the largest total of nickels, more than Philadelphia and San Francisco combined. CoinFacts includes historical narratives to help you learn about the coins you love accompanied by. The canon of Mercury Dimes is generally recognized to include the major 1916-D key date, two semi-keys in the scarce 1921 and 1921-D issues, and three varieties — the 1942/1 and 1942/1-D overdates as well as the 1945-S Micro S. These aren't just pieces of metal; they're slices of history, artifacts of human ingenuity, and tickets to a rewarding and potentially lucrative hobby. In about circulated conditions, this price goes to around $50 for an AU50 up to $7. A Mercury Dime’s worth can change significantly based on its era, condition, and mint mark. Weinman designed the Mercury Dime which was minted from 1916 to 1945. Weinman, who also created the Liberty Walking half dollars of 1916-1947. 1941 Mercury Silver Dime Value (Price Chart, Error List, History. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1936 Mercury Dime is Worth $3. Check out our mercury dime 1941 selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our coins & money shops. 1938-S Dime 1938-D Dime 1939-S Dime 1939-D Dime 1939 Dime 1941 Dime 1941-D Dime. However, if you have one in mint . Dimes 8729 Draped Bust 1 Capped Bust 81 Seated Liberty 589 Barber 1101 Mercury 2652 Roosevelt 4305. 1942 1 Mercury Dime for sale | eBay. Pictured is a very nice example, with bright. As you can imagine, rare dimes are an excellent investment and valuable collectibles. Mercury dimes are worth searching for and collecting! They are worth amazing money so look for them!To check out our errors & varieties coin lists, preferre. MERCURY DIMES ERRORS & VARIETIES TO LOOK FOR! SILVER DIMES. 65 for a coin that is circulated and shows moderate to heavy wear. Therefore, one of the first steps in grading your coin is to determine if it is circulated or uncirculated. The 1943 Philadelphia Mercury dimes are highly common coins across most of the grading spectrum from low-end circulated grades through at least MS66, with higher-grading pieces scarce but not exceptionally rare save for MS68 specimens. Check your war nickels for the following popular die varieties: 1943-P 3 Over 2. Step one is to confirm exact Date and Mint Mark variety. Some of these error coins are very valuable. As of February 2023, the NGC Price Guide set the melt value of the 1934 Winged Liberty Head (Mercury) Dime at $1. Old silver dimes from the 1940's are commonly found in circulated condition, meaning they have wear on their surfaces. It all started back in ~1949 when the dimes were irradiated as a promotion. 1964-D Roosevelt Dime CoinSnap MS with errors. New Listing 1943-S Mercury Silver Dime Very Fine Condition Trumpet Tail S FS-511. Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion online at JM Bullion. Mint moved on from using 90% pure silver in dime mintage. Two other key dates are 1921 and 1926-S. Nickel was needed for the war effort. The best way to acquire one is to buy one from a coin dealer. This resulted in imprints of figure 41 visible beneath the primary date. In October of 1942 the composition of five cent pieces became 35 percent silver and 56 percent copper with 9 percent manganese alloy. You realize when you know how to think, it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think. Among 9,939,000 minted Mercury dimes in 1919, only one was sold for an impressively high price of $156,000 in 2019. 1916-D 10C Mercury Dime PCGS XF40 (CAC) Free shipping. To participate in the forum you must log in or register. Errors 751 Planchet Errors 100 Striking Errors 153 Die Errors 387 Other Errors 111. Though these coins have long carried the name \\\\\"Mercury\\\\\", the design is not that of the mythical god, but that of a winged headed Liberty. The 1917 dime value is at a minimum of $1. 1942/1 D 10C ANACS AU Details Mercury Silver Dime, Scarce Overdate 42 over 1. How Much Is a 1941 Dime Worth?. The 1967 No Mint Mark Roosevelt dime (also called the 1967-P Roosevelt dime) is worth $0. That does sound like a cud error, especially if the strange-looking area of. 1942 10c NGC Proof 65 Mercury Dime. Collectors and dealers begin to attach a premium value to coins in …. 1942-D Mercury Silver Dime MS68FB NGC. Some Famous Variety coins 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent 1982-D Small Date Copper 1942/1-P&D Mercury Dime 1937-D Buffalo Nickel 3 leg. This coin had the fourth lowest mintage in the entire Mercury dime series. Population of 13 coins at this grade level with 5 graded higher. Ending 19 Oct at 7:04 SGT 9d 7h. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts. The 1942/41 is generally termed an overdate; it is actually a doubled die error—the obverse die from which the coins were struck took one impression from a 1942-dated hub and one from a 1941-dated hub. 10 Mercury Dime AU 58 Mint Error Obverse …. 1941 Mercury Silver Dime Coin Value Prices, Photos & Info. New Listing MERCURY DIME 90% SILVER SCRAP - 123 grams. 91 millimeters) in diameter and 0. Values range from slightly above melt to $30 in mint state condition. The most common design features a portrait of Franklin D. The higher the number, the more rare the coin. The dime is the smallest in diameter and is the thinnest of all U. First, worth a premium are the elusive Denver minted dimes, they have the highest value of the three mints producing coins in 1917. However these old Mercury dimes are avidly collected today and many are valued higher. In the case of Full Bands the rarity, and therefore value, is further increased. 1941 D Mercury Dime Brilliant Uncirculated 90% Silver Coin BU. What is a Mercury Dime? The United States Mint struck the Winged Liberty Head or "Mercury" Dime design from 1916 until 1945. USA Coin Book has compiled a list of the most valuable US Dimes (Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Barber Dimes, Seated Liberty Dimes, Draped Bust and Capped Bust Dimes) using a database of over 6,000+ coins and valuations. Ending Jul 23 at 6:03PM PDT 2d 2h. As is true of most United States coinage of the 20th Century, these dimes were minted in fairly large numbers. Part of an Estate we are offering on eBay. Last Update: 10-09 08:58 PM EDT. While the least expensive issues are from the last years of the series, many type set collectors prefer examples from the first years of the Mercury dime period, during which many notable key and semi-key issues was released, including the 1916-D, …. This series is short encompassing just 291 listed die marriages in the CONECA Variety Files. The Roosevelt dime was designed by John R. 1942 10C MERCURY DIME PCGS MS 65 FB. It doesn't appear to be a 42/41D mercury. 14 and it rises and falls with the price of silver. com/channel/UC8G5vuITlvCg3VHjmxVvnTg/join. Plus, you can find dimes with production errors, and those dime values are sometimes unexpectedly high. The San Francisco mint produced 60,400,000 Mercury dimes in 1943, achieving the lowest circulation in this war year. Check out our dime selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our coins & money shops. 1938 and 1939 are notable for low mintages and above average values. Not THE 42/41 clear as day Philly coin. The coin was designed by German-American sculptor. 4 Understanding Mint Marks and Their Importance; The third highest price was $207 000 for a 1916-D Mercury dime. Author: Replies: 15 / Views: 12,597 Posted 06/16/2010 11:06 pm I separated most of my Mercury dimes and started to look more thoroughly, browse the coneca site to check for errors. This 1942-D Mercury Dime is graded a PCGS MS-65 Full Bands and is encapsulated in a sealed holder to protect your investment. Note: This price is for a silver half dollar showing wear from circulation. New Listing 1942 Mercury Dime, Pursued Key Date (No Mint Mark) Extremely Rare - (Weak Die). Step 2: Grading Condition - Coins are valued by condition, using images of the different grades and comparing your coin narrows value range. Get the best deals on XF 40 Graded Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. This minimum value is a worn coin and follows changes in silver prices. RETIRE if You Have This Rare Coin! Mercury Dime Error Coins. Only MS 68-graded coins can cost about $1,300. Depending on the year and mintmark combination, the FB designation can be extremely rare. The prices increase for gem quality coins, but are still reasonable. Never-used dimes cost $18 to $240 (MD 60 to MS 67), and only those in the highest grade (MS 68) are estimated at $1,750 to $2,100. Get the best deals on MS 68 Graded Mercury Dimes 1942-D PCGS MS-68+ FB MERCURY DIME! BLAST WHITE PERFECTION! TOP POP 4! FLAWLESS. It was the lowest volume from all three mints so you can fetch slightly better prices than 1942-Ds and 1942 ‘P’s. These are the dime errors you should be looking for — and their current value: 1942/1 Mercury Dimes — $625+. Dimes in the highest grades can be costly, and collectors estimate their prices to be $2,300 to $16,000. 1907 Dime 1907-D Dime 1907-O Dime 1907-S Dime View Entire Barber Dime Coin List. Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www. It saw a mintage of only 264,000, and has an estimated survival of approximately 10,000 pieces across all grades. Step 3: Special Qualities - An examine of the coin is done to spot potential special qualities. When those junk COINS really aren't junk!!Here are some channel. 1916 D; 1921; 1921 D; 1926 S; 1942/41; 1942/41 D; The Mercury dime, also known as the Winged Liberty Head dime, was designed by Adolph Weinman in. You can separate the minimum value silver dimes from the higher priced ones by checking the presence of "mintmarks" and judging the "condition" of your …. The standard value of the 1940 dime depends on the condition and type of the dime. 1942 10C Mercury Dime Group Of 4. HIGH GRADE AU 1942 S MERCURY SILVER DIME OLD US COIN JUN414. proof Mercury Dimes can be acquired in choice to gem condition for surprising- ly inexpensive prices. Plus, part of the doubled "4" is towards the bottom of the "4". 60 - helped by the value of silver it contains. 1943 D Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Most other pieces produced that year are poorly struck and are worth $3. If you have one, please take good care of it. This is the 1941 Mercury dimes worth money. 1927-D Mercury Dime NGC AU58 Beautiful PQ Coin!! JNAR 1942/41 …. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1942 Mercury Dime is Worth $3. Half Dimes 167 Flowing Hair Draped Bust 2 Capped Bust 24 Seated Liberty 141. S-Mint mark variety is explored. Check out our 1942 s mercury dime selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Half-Dimes and Dimes; Mercury Dime; 1942-S 10C; 1942/1-D 10C. The NGC Coin Explorer — a searchable catalog of American and US coins — is your convenient numismatic library with important coin details from the NGC Price Guide, NGC Census, NGC Registry and Auction Central resources all in one place. The underlying "1" can be found on the left-hand side of the "2". The value of a 1949S Roosevelt dime ranges from $10 in EF condition to $200 for mint state specimens. 98 for exceptionally, preserved and $4. Error Double Date*1 doubled Mercury Dime. Perhaps fewer than 300 or so are known in the grades of MS60 or higher; only a few dozen in the grade of MS65 or better, making it one of the scarcest issues in the Gem. With multiple record-breaking auction sales, the 1942 dime is often considered one of the most valuable coins in US history. Those that are graded 60-67 can reach the price of several hundred dollars. One of the most crucial factors that determine the value of a 1916 dime is its condition. PCGS encapsulation protects and guarantees the MS-65 (FB) condition of the coin. 1942 S Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. A: Two major "overdate" Mint errors exist for 1942, one from the Philadelphia Mint and one from the Denver Mint. Two of these dies became involved in an accident …. Got a question about coin collecting, or just wondering how much your old coin is worth? Ask away!…. Greysheet Catalog Details (GSID: 4612) The 1942-D Mercury dime is extremely common in all grades, even with Full Bands details, up through MS67. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free shipping on many items! 1942 1 Mercury Dime for sale | eBay. This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. Mercury Dime Value Simplified • 2023 Coin Breakdown • Benzinga. Mercury dimes are also known as Winged Liberty Head dimes. The Mercury Dime Die Variety Book: Home: Published: January 2016: Last Update: 11/10/2022: by James Wiles, Ph. 1942-D PCGS MS-68+ FB MERCURY DIME! BLAST WHITE PERFECTION! TOP POP 4! FLAWLESS. By following a step by step method the important dates, mintmarks, and condition of your coin is identified. 1942 D 10c Silver Mercury Dime NGC MS66+FB Plus Grade Full Bands. Get the best deal for 1942 Error Dime In Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) from the largest online selection at eBay. It is a coin that shows moderate to heavy wear. quarter with a D Assuming also 1943 it's about $2. 1948 Roosevelt dimes saw heavy production, as can be seen below in the mintage figures: 1948 – 74,950,000; $3. 1941 P Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Depending on the combination of these factors, a 1940s dime can be sold for between $2 and $35. 1949 Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS68FB $13,200. 1945 Mercury Dime Die Chip & Filled 'D' Error; Rare Old 90% Silver Coin Money. This 1942/1-D Mercury Dime has been certified as XF-40 by PCGS, one of the top two coin grading services. Mercury dime designed by sculptor Adolph Weinman and minted from 1916 through 1945, although commonly known as Mercury dime, the actual name of the coin is Winged Liberty Head dime. 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Value Prices, Photos & Info. Special edition dimes are highly …. The Roosevelt dime, which replaced the Mercury dime was first minted in 1946. In 1938, the San Francisco Mint produced 8,090,000 coins. Most things that people think are errors are really just post-mint damage. Most of these silver dimes, if they show worn surfaces, are priced at the value of their silver content. 1942 represented the last year of proof production . 1942/1-D, mintage unknown; $1,200. Dimes 8696 Draped Bust 1 Capped Bust 81 Seated Liberty 592 Barber 1136 Mercury 2662 Roosevelt 4224. The story of the 1942/41 is an interesting one as really there is both a Philadelphia and Denver version. 50 and $4 at the time of this writing However, 1943 Dimes that are flawless and uncirculated can be purchased for up to $425 on the open market. You can buy a piece in good condition for about $2, while a dime with an MS 67 rating is a bit more expensive and will cost you about $200. Numismatic Rarity converts the Survival Estimate for a particular coin into a number from 1 to 10 (with decimal increments) based on the PCGS Rarity Scale. As Mercury dime aficionados will note, MS-65 specimens of the 1942/1 dime from Philadelphia are much scarcer than overdate Mercury dimes in a similar grade. These scarce overdate varieties are two of the most sought-after dimes from the 20th century. 1943 Mercury Silver Dime Coin Value Prices, Photos & Info. Notes: The Mercury or Winged Liberty dimes from 1942 are 90% silver! In addition there is a semi-common error where the mint stamped a 2 over the 1 in the date. 1942 10C Mercury Dime NGC MS 67. Silver War Nickels: History, Values and Varieties. A large number of uncirculated survivors exhibit strong strikes and, thus, are readily available with Full Bands details up through MS67. Roosevelt Dime Key Dates & Values (1946. These coins are also known as “Winged Liberty Head” dimes. PCGS encapsulation guarantees the coin’s MS-66 (FB) condition. 1929-P Philadelphia Mint Mercury Dime, KEY Date! RARE This Nice!. 1944-W West Point Weinman’s Mercury Dime Pristine -Error- In Cod We Trust* Opens in a new window or tab. Both were produced when production dies in the preparation process were first sunk with a …. DustyBootFinds From shop DustyBootFinds. The bid is currently fairly low for the set, especially with the overdate. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1942/41 Mercury Head Dime Key Date ERROR at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. The 1968 D MS 68 dime (FB) reached the price of $1,495 in 2021. Weinman, the Winged Liberty Head dime is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful U. 1935 dime value starts with the value of its silver content, approximately $1. Many silver dimes are worth a premium if determined in better than average condition. 1942/41 Mercury Dime Overdate">Counterfeit Coin Detection – 1942/41 Mercury Dime Overdate. We look at error coins worth money and other valuable dime coins. 4 Understanding Mint Marks and Their …. Get the best deals for 1942 dime error at eBay. 1946-S/S Roosevelt Silver Dime DDR FS-501 RPM-1 ANACS MS 65FSB (301) $6. 1942/1-D " Overdate " PCGS AU53 " GOLD Shield " Silver MERCURY Dime 10c * ERROR. In 2021 we also saw two 1944 Cent Steel MS64 examples at auction for $108,000 and $180,000 ( reference ). 1942 D 10C NGC MS 67 FB MERCURY DIME. 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The value considerably increases if a coin has a grade of 68 or higher. This is a normal set and is currently worth right around the $8 marked on the package. Rarer silver coins are worth even more than the standard dimes. Also, click here to Learn About Grading Coins. It is accompanied with the motto "E • PLURIBUS UNUM" and surrounded with the face value and the lettering "UNITED • STATES • OF • AMERICA", with the mintmark to the right of "ONE". Your coin is part of the popular Mercury dime series. They do, however, turn up from time to time in circulation. If you think you have an unlisted RPM or an unpictured stage of an RPM, I would love the opportunity to examine the coin and photograph it for inclusion in the next edition. Mercury Dime Values & Prices. #2 1965 Roosevelt Dime Full Bands (FB) – PCGS MS68 $3,819. Vintage Roosevelt dimes of the 1950's follow the movements of silver. Demand for higher condition coins is seen in the value chart. 1942/1-D Mercury Dime ANACS VF20 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike. 1942/1 P MERCURY DIME OVERDATE VARIETY. This is the scarcest Mercury Dime due to the low mintage in Denver as we have seen in the history of this coin. This page also shows these coins cataloged online in coin collections by other members. 1943 Steel Penny and Copper Pennies: History, Values and a. It is, however, much rarer in uncirculated levels and especially so with Full Bands details. Others assemble "short sets" from 1934 through 1945 or 1941 through `45. We look at 15 rare dime coins that are worth money. 18 Most Valuable Mercury Dimes Worth Money. Mint errors of this kind rare and very collectible. Errors 774 Planchet Errors 111 Striking Errors 154 Die Errors 398 Other Errors. A very popular series with collectors, each coin is evaluated closely to identify its full potential. Further examination is needed to determine if there is premium collector demand with an increase in worth. 1944 United States Of America 1 Dime - E Pluribus Unum. The 1942 PR 67 Winged Liberty Head dime (CAM) sold at $4,888 on March 2008. THESE SILVER MERCURY DIMES ARE WORTH A LOT OF MONEY!! 1939. #4 1965 Roosevelt Dime Full Torch (FT) – NGC MS69 $1,528. PCGS has graded 2,386 1921 coins. 19 in Average Condition and can be Worth $7. AU58 FB 1942/41-D Mercury Dime NGC *0939. Have A 1942 Wheat Penny, 1942. Circulated 1941 dimes range in price of $2. Like regular 1965 Roosevelt dimes, those dedicated to the Special Mint Set also came from the Philadelphia mint. Mercury Dime (1916-1945) History/Background. I compared the mintmark to some other mercs I have and there was more of a slant on the 38-D than on the other. (Inventory F) at the best online prices at eBay! Free. Get the best deals for 1942/1 d mercury dime at eBay. There is no trace of the third leaf. That rises to $11 for an MS60 example, and to $15 for a coin at the same grade with a full band. 1940 MERCURY DIME 10C PCGS PR 67 CAC UNTONED ATTRACTIVE. The Mercury Dime was issued 1916-1945. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!. Errors 760 Planchet Errors 108 Striking Errors 153 Die Errors 388 Other Errors 111. Thanks to a high mintage of 746,130,000 pieces, even those in the mint state are affordable. This head has wings as a representation of “liberty of thought. The US minted the 1942 dime with no mint mark and also the 1942 D dime and 1942 S dime. Barber who was chief engraver of the United States Mint from 1880 to 1918. Only a couple dozen pieces were made and exist today, and each is worth about $100,000. There are also some other scarce varieties, including the 1942/1 and 1942/1-D overdates. 1940 MERCURY SILVER DIME NICE HIGH GRADE COIN …. 1942/1-D Mercury Dime ANACS VG10 Key Date Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike. Locate the correct position on the chart finding 1944 penny value. Second step, is an appraisal of condition. Looking at known fakes of the 1942/1 Mercury Dime, even if clearly marked as replicas, is a learning opportunity worth exploring. 1935-S MS66FB Mercury Dime, PCGS 41694138. A Year in Two: The Intriguing Tale of 1942/1. The 1942 over 1941 mercury dime errors are some of the most sought after errors today. Professional Buyers Since 2008; Who Buys Dime Collections? We Do! January 24, It is easy to sell your old dime collection or coin estate from the privacy of your home without the delay of consignment or hassle of eBay - and for a fair price. 05 to $12,000, with an average worth of $0. 1942 D Mercury Dime 42 Over 41: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. 1942 D Mercury Dime UNC-Problem Free. We look at coins that are worth a fort. As part of the famous Mercury dime series, these coins are an incredibly popular find and will almost always sell for much more than. The 1942 Philly Mercury dime is a highly common coin in all circulated grades and is widely available through MS67, even with Full Bands details. A fasces mixed with an olive branch shows both that the United States is prepared for the war and its desire for peace. 37 to $36 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Other Features of the 1944 Dime. The "Silver" nickels were now in …. Errors 769 Planchet Errors 97 Striking Errors 165 Die Errors 396 Other Errors 111. Proof coins will sell for higher prices. 1942 D MERCURY DIME MS 67 NGC FB. 1916-S: $4 to $20 – Lower mintage. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1943-S Mercury Dime Estate Coin Collection *266 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. 00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $0. A 1968 dime missing its S (San Fransisco) mint mark sold for $47,000, while a dime that was made using what was supposed to be a discontinued production process went for $9,000. This 1942-D Mercury Dime is graded a NGC MS-65 Full Bands and is encapsulated in a sealed holder to protect your investment. Errors 772 Planchet Errors 110 Striking Errors 154 Die Errors 397 Other Errors 111. 32 to $29 for those in fine condition. Shop at: APMEX David Lawrence L&C Coins Collectors Corner eBay U. Get the best deals on 1942 D Mercury Dime when you shop the largest online 1942/1-D " Overdate " PCGS AU53 " GOLD Shield " Silver MERCURY Dime 10c * ERROR. Among the Mercury dimes that were produced in 1931, the ones stuck in the Denver Mint are the rarest. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! | Free. 1942 Half Dollar 1942-D Half Dollar 1942-S Half Dollar View Entire Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin List. 10 in extremely fine (XF-40) and about uncirculated (AU-50) condition. How Much is a Roosevelt Dime Worth? (Price Chart). 1942-D Mercury Dime - Hand Picked Choice Brilliant Uncirculated MS-63 Or Better Condition. This E-Book covers the Mercury Dime Series. However these old Mercury head dimes are avidly collected today and many are valued higher. The 1942/1-D is much more subtle with a trace of a 1 under the 2 and a light extra foot at the bottom of the 4. The 1926-S Mercury dime, while not technically a key date coin, can reach values in the hundreds of dollars in high end condition. Obverse reads: NEUTRON IRRADIATED Similarly, a few atoms of the Ag-109 were converted to Ag-110m (250 d half-life) and Ag-110 (25 s half-life). Although this recently sold coin was in uncirculated condition, circulated variations of the 1942/1 Mercury dime are valuable as well. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1942 Mercury Dime (42 Over 41 Variety) is Worth $409 in Average Condition and can be …. Dimes 8689 Draped Bust 1 Capped Bust 78 Seated Liberty 587 Barber 1110 Mercury 2649 Roosevelt 4264. This 1929-S Mercury Dime is needed by anyone building a date and mint mark collection of Mercury Dimes. 1943 D Mercury dime and i has a small w on the right side of the person and has bits of a brownish coverings on both sides All of this is normal and natural aging it's about $0. Those showing heavy signs of circulation are the least valuable, those with lighter wear and damage are more valuable and uncirculated coins are the most valuable of all. Mercury dime values start at $1. 0723oz, a reeded edge, a diameter of 17. The 1943-D Mercury dime is another wartime issue readily accessible in grades through MS 67 FB. 1931 S Mercury Dime #202001; 1931 D Mercury Dime #202024; 1926 S Mercury Dime #202012; 1944 D Mercury Dime #202002; 1943 Mercury Dime #202003; 1941 S Mercury Dime #202006; 1945 S Mercury Dime #202007; 1945 Mercury Dime #202008; 1935 D Mercury Dime #202010; 1926 S Mercury Dime #202013; 1937 Mercury Dime #202014; …. Get the best deals on 1942 1 Mercury Dime when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Type: Mercury Dime Year: 1942 Face Value: $0. Now, to the 1942 D dime worth a special mention — the 1942 42/41 D dime. The 1968 D MS 68 dime reached the price of $750 in 2022. 1942-d, 2 over 1 variety coin (unknown mintage) The 1916-d Mercury dime is one of the most popular U. 1945-D Mercury Liberty Silver One Dime Coin #P03247. Which dimes have little value? Some dimes are only worth face value. The 1972 Dime has a melt value of only $0. Collector’s Checklist for Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) Liberty Coin Service * Key Dates in Bold 1929-S 1930 1930-S 1931 1931-D 1931-S 1934 1934-D 1935 1935-D 1935-S 1936 1936-D 1936-S 1937 1937-D 1937-S 1938 1938-D 1938-S 1939 1939-D 1939-S 1940 D 1940-S 1941 1941-D 1941-S 1942 1942/41 1942-D 1942/41-D 1942-S 1943 D Business Strikes. 2 million ever minted, the 1921 Mercury dime is among the scarcest issues and can be a relatively tough date to find. George Washington ordered the first run of dimes in 1792, which were made on a borrowed press kept in the owner’s basement. 1921 D: $1,670 - $3,880; 1942 D 42 over 41: $2,800 - $10,200; 1942 P 42 over 41: $2,700 - $16,600; 1916 D: $15,000 - $30,000; Mercury Dime Key Dates. 1942/1 D Mercury Dime Coin Pricing Guide. The 1941 dime value is at a minimum of $1. Rare 1916 Liberty Mercury Dime American US United States Silver Color Antique Restrike Cool Coin. 1944 Mercury Dimes Worth A LOT of Money! These are valuable mint error dime coins that sold at auction for good money. 1944-P Mercury Dime Error? captainmandrake1 10/03/2023: 7: 412: 10/04/2023 11:40 am jbuck : 1942 D Over 41 Mercury Dime For Grade And Enjoyment. A 1942 Mercury silver dime could be worth between $2. Counterfeit Detection: 1942/41 Mercury Dime. Not only were five-cent nickels switched to a 35% silver alloy from 1942 to 1945, but the penny also briefly got a new composition for one year, in 1943. 1942 D USA 10 CENT SILVER AMERICAN DIME. 1942/1 MERCURY DIME GRADED PCGS VF30 ERROR COIN. They get their name from the appearance of Lady Liberty on the obverse. PCGS MS 66- Mercury Head Dimes in Box. Feel free to check out the other coin video. 1942-S Mercury Dime Possible DDO? Die events, One of a kind errors 4. 1942 over 1941 Mercury Dime Error. PCGS CoinFacts is an in-depth online encyclopedia of United States coins. 1 Mercury Dime 1942/41 Error; 3. Counterfeit Detection: 1942/1 Mercury Dime. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! | Free shipping on many items! 1942 CLIP ERROR SILVER Mercury Dime & Lincoln Cent Coins NICE Clipped 2 Coin LOT. The Mercury dime was minted out of this 90% Silver alloy. Seller does not accept returns. A Mercury Dime is a ten-cent coin produced by the U. Newbie Coin Collecting Questions; Existing user? Sign In Sign Up; Everywhere; This Forum; This Topic; Status Updates; Topics. 1942/41 Mercury Dime VF-35 PCGS - SKU#154100. Then, the 1943 S mercury dime value is between $1. 1943-P Brilliant Uncirculated Walking Liberty Half Dollar BU ( 70-25 ) $45. The first dime was introduced in 1796 and has been in continuous production ever since, with several different designs over the years. This highly collectible coin is a great addition to any numismatic collection! Coin Highlights: Population of 441 coins at this grade level with 543 graded higher. 1943 D Mercury Dimes Winged Liberty Silver Dime: Wish Lists. As an extreme rarity it was auctioned for $408,000 beating the previous record of $373,750. 1943 P Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. A 1941 Denver dime is worth around $11 at MS60. I need to see a specimen for new digital photographs. 1948 Roosevelt Dime Values and Prices. Top Mercury Dime most valuable #1 Mercury Dime 1916-D Full Bands. 1967 Dime Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties). The 1943 Mercury dime is a highly sought-after coin among collectors due to its rarity and historical significance. The overdate occurred on both the Philadelphia and Denver issues. 00 1943 Mercury Dime - NGC MS 66 Sold Out - $29. 1921-d (1,080,000) 1942, 2 over 1 variety coin (unknown mintage) 1942-d, 2 over 1 variety coin (unknown mintage) Common date, circulated condition Mercury dimes are typically bought and sold strictly for their silver content. So called errors, Coin information 5. SUPER RARE Mercury Silver Dimes Worth A LOT of Money - 1920 Dime Value. This makes the 1916-D Mercury dime even scarcer than the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent. A single coin’s value can range from less than $1. Adolph Weinman’s design was well-liked, but it had some. 1916-D and the 1942/1 overdates are the most famous as well as the rarest and most expensive Mercury Dimes. And during the War Years (1942 to 1945), many of these coins developed a limited war-time metal composition to conserve resources for the military. The wings in Liberty’s cap are meant to symbolize Liberty of Thought. There are no listings for 1944 Dime errors. 1942 P Mercury Dime 42 Over 41: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Even 1944 MS 67 Mercury dime in Full Bands will be worth about $60 to $75. The Mercury Dime was minted from 1916 to 1945. Popular overdate Mercury Dime variety!. A VINTAGE HIGHER GRADE 1942 S MERCURY SILVER DIME DATE DOUBLING FEB413. The ten cent coins minted between 1916and 1945 are known as “Mercury dimes”. The objective is to identify and confirm mint …. How to identity a Rare 1965 Dime. Get the best deals on Silver 1942 Year Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. 1936 10C Mercury Dime -- Broadstruck, Reverse Damage -- NGC Details. Free shipping on many items | Browse your 1942/1-D " Overdate " PCGS AU53 " GOLD Shield " Silver MERCURY Dime 10c * ERROR. Sometimes they may affect only one coin and sometimes it affect numerous coins (such as you die chip). I have an identicle 1942-D dime, except that there is a very distinct doubling on the left side of the numbers on the entire date. At MS65, a 1942 (P) dime is valued by the PCGS at $40, and at MS67, the value is $125. The coin is commonly called a “Mercury” dime as it resembled the Roman god, but just like many other U. 00 1916 -1945 dates 90% Silver VG-AU All Mercury Dimes! Un-searched for Errors! No culls ! Reg-75 Billy W and Loretta J Newt 5 out of 5 stars. 1939 S UNITED STATES Mercury Winged Liberty Head Dime Silver Coin Fasces i112341. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! | Free shipping on many items! 1942 D ; 90% Silver Mercury Dime. 1975 No S Proof Dime — $450,000+. The 1943 Steel Penny has had a marked upward rally over the past 2 years, especially in higher grades and in its variants and errors. 1966 dimes are the last year with no mint mark on the coin. Movements in silver and collector demand place Walking Liberty half dollar value at $8. A total of 950,084,000 bronze coins were minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. From the ultra-rare 1916-D Mercury Dime to the fascinating 1942/1 overdate error, each coin offers a unique story and an opportunity for significant financial gain. Wait, do you mean you know nothing, or do you really mean there is no nothing, implying there is something, but you want people to think about it so it then creates this post making people wonder, "hmm what does he mean?" Or are you using the double negative (which, by the way, will equal a positive) to. MINT ERROR STRAIGHT CLIP (003) $299. Look for the mint mark on the reverse of the coin, just below the olive branch on the left side of the coin, to identify it. I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me post more than one picture but I tried to share both sides, I thought it was damage at first also but was told by the local coin shop it looked like mint damage and that it was accidentally struck 3 times with something in the dies, or the coin itself was stuck, I’m not brand new to coins, but I’m also not an expert, …. While a heavily worn coin may fetch a few dollars, an MS 1916 dime can be worth a staggering $3,500-$4,000. Where is the “W” on the Mercury Dime? That little W, seen on the lower right side of the obverse behind Miss Liberty’s neck and between the date and the letter “Y” of “LIBERTY,” is in fact a monogram bearing the letters “A” and “W” and representing the initials of the coin’s designer, Adolph A. According to NGC, the 1942 Mercury dime’s melt value is set at $1.